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Care and Maintenance

How To Care For Your New Cabinetry:


(1) Dust your cabinets (monthly)

--Dust the finished topcoat of your cabinets once a month with a soft microfiber cloth. Dusting allows you to capture any particulates that may have landed on the cabinet faces, drawer boxes, and profiles. Removing these particulates on a regular basis helps keep the cabinets smooth and reduces the amount of dust particles that accumulate over time.


(2) Microfiber Cloths:

--When you want to clean the finished topcoat on your cabinets from cooking spills or grease, make sure you invest in a high-quality microfiber cloth that you use solely for cleaning your Azar's cabinetry. You do not want to trap particulates from other household chores inside the microfiber cloth that could potentially scratch the surface of the finished cabinetry. We recommend keeping at least two dedicated microfiber cloths on hand for this task (1 wet, 1 dry).


(3) Steps to Cleaning Your Cabinets Using Water: 

       1) Using a soft, damp microfiber cloth, get your microfiber cloth wet in a bucket of warm water. Make sure you wring out as much water as you can during this task. The less amount of water that touches your cabinets, the better!

       2) After you wipe your cabinets, immediately dry the area you cleaned with a soft, dry microfiber cloth to capture any remaining moisture. *Helpful tip: Make sure you are only cleaning a small area at a time so you have enough time to wipe off any excess moisture quickly so it doesn't dry. 


4) Steps for Cleaning More Stubborn Areas:

       1) Use mild, dish soap in a bucket of warm water. Repeat Steps 1 and 2 above.

       2) Avoid using any abrasive cleaners or scouring pads as they could potentially dull or damage the finish!!


*Consistent dusting and cleaning will prolong the life of the finish on your cabinets and keep them looking new for many years to come. If less dust adheres to your cabinets, grime and grease will have a harder time adhering to them. If you want, you can even use dry cotton swabs to get into those hard-to-reach corners!

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