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Azar's Woodcraft Library Furniture

Custom library furniture that is fully functional. 

Azars Woodcraft has been supplying schools and libraries with quality custom furniture for over thirty years. We can help you with everything from new construction and remodels to custom designs to fit your needs in whatever application is needed. We routinely supply schools and libraries with our pre-designed items as seen here and our custom designs that we would work with you on creating. 

Our most popular library furniture is our 3 different types of browser bins. These book bins function as great as they look. Kids love them for how easy it is to find the books they want to read. Adults and librarians love them for how much they can hold and how well-kept everything stays. 

If you didn't find what you were looking for in our store it doesn't mean we can't make what you need. Have an idea for a new item? Contact us and we can work out the design with you. 

Front Facing Browser Bin.jpg

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